Pig - 2018 Update

Pig is a version of the classic dice game Pig (Wikipedia) which I used to enjoy playing on my Palm Pilot :-) I didn't have another version of it so back in 2011 I wrote one for the Dragon 32 and Tandy Coco. It's not a commercial quality game but I'd like to think if you had typed it in from a magazine or book back in the day it would have felt worthwhile! So at the very end of 2017 I decided to revisit it with the following updates:

Free to download from the links below!

Pig 2018 is currently in BETA which means you can send me some feedback and I will definitely listen to any suggestions!


  • ZIP - DSK Tandy, CAS file (Xroar Dragon/Tandy) and BAS (Plain text) file.
  • Other sources

  • GitHub - grab latestversion here.
  • MC-10 Jim Gerrie's Tandy MC-10 Port of the 2011 version on GitHub.